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Together we achieve daring things

Our aspiration

Our world brims with potential and endless opportunities. At Pattex, we're here to fuel your inner doer, that fearless version of yourself that gets things done. We're committed to helping you believe in your abilities and providing the right tools. With our wide range and unwavering support, you and Pattex create a dynamic duo, turning aspirations into achievements. This ethos extends to our sustainability efforts; together, we can conquer challenges like eco-friendly packaging and achieving zero carbon emissions.​



Reduce plastics with plastic-free blisters

Our goal is to reduce the amount of packaging material we use to the minimum necessary, without compromising the quality, performance and safety of our products.

Switching towards recycled materials

Pattex understands the importance of achieving the transition to a circular economy. Therefore, our strategy to promote it focuses on four pillars:

Intelligent packaging design and reduction of packaging material.

The use of materials from sustainable sources.

Closing the life cycle of our products, as their packaging can be recycled once consumed.

Research to increase the use of renewable ingredients in our formulas.

Health & Safety

Our solvent free formula

One of our steps towards a sustainable environment is to completely switch the portfolio to solvent-free products without compromising adhesive strength.

Climate & Nature

Reduce carbon footprint

At Pattex, we are committed to working to reduce our emissions and to develop solutions that contribute to the protection and regeneration of nature throughout our value chain.