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Seal and Fill

Seal a sink or bathtub with Pattex Pressure Pack

Step by step

  1. Surfaces must be dry, clean of dust and free of any substances which may impair adhesion.
  2. Cut off tip of spout at 45° angle, load cartridge into gun and apply steadily.
  3. Clean residue and tools with cloth.

For detailed information on how to use, download the technical data sheet below.

Documents and downloads

  • ${/content/heliux/adhesive/pattex/ae/en/products/central-pdp#/pattex-sanitary-antimould-pressure-pack/SAP_0201GAP03KE4/searchResult.MainImageAltText}
    PATTEX Sanitary Antimould Pressure Pack

    PATTEX sanitary transparent silicone sealant has an easy & precise application. Use with a nozzle for smoother applications and speed control.

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