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    PATTEX Repair 100% Glue

    PATTEX repair 100% glue is ideal for repair jobs in the home, office and outdoors. It's best suited for applications where there is a lot of movement.

  • PATTEX PL100 (Water Based)

    PATTEX PL100 is for all absorbent substrates and indoor applications that provides high initial tack (180KG/m2) and is solvent-free.

  • PATTEX PL150 (Solvent Based)

    PATTEX PL 150 construction adhesive is an advanced, professional adhesive, with solvent based technology for indoor & outdoor use.

  • packshot front imea pattex mounting tape 120kg 1280x1280
    PATTEX No more nails Mounting Tape

    PATTEX Mounting Tape is a double-sided mounting tape with high holding power and high adhesion.

  • packshot front tr pattex 60sec universal glue 20gr
    PATTEX 60 Sec. Universal Glue

    Fast adhesive – This strong adhesive adheres after just 60 seconds and is particularly suitable for larger joints of porous and non-porous materials

  • PATTEX PL200 (Polymer Based)

    PATTEX PL200 is the flexible way to seal and bond. It is a multi-purpose polymer-based and transparent construction adhesive with high inital tack

  • PATTEX 2C Rapid Adhesive

    Pattex MDF Kit is an adhesive set which consists of high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and activator.


    PATTEX FT101 is an all purpose sealant & multipurpose adhesive for indoor and outdoor applications based on Flextec® Technology.

  • PATTEX SL212 General Purpose

    PATTEX SL212 is a ready-to-use acetoxy silicone sealant for general purpose sealing applications (For indoor and outdoor purposes).

  • PATTEX SL100 Acrylic

    PATTEX SL100 is for the sealing of low movement joints between construction materials. Also used for sealing joints between windows, walls, & doors

  • PATTEX Super Glue Liquid Tube

    PATTEX Super Glue Liquid has a liquid formula, due to which, it flows into the smallest gap, leaving no trace, and is used for various materials

  • PATTEX Contact Adhesive Tube (Classic)

    PATTEX Contact Adhesive is a premium quality, high tack, one part polychloroprene multipurpose contact adhesive.