Install a skirting board using Pattex PL100

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Whether you’re installing a skirting board indoor or bonding heavy construction materials outdoor, Pattex Construction Adhesives are the most powerful adhesives for indoor & outdoor construction applications.

How to use

  1. Cut off the tip of the cartridge above the screw thread. Screw on plastic nozzle and cut off the tip of the nozzle. Place cartridge into gun.
  2. Apply adhesive onto one of the surfaces. Ensure surface to be bonded are free of dust, grease or oil and not in permanent contact with water.
  3. Substrates must be stable. One surface should be absorbent to ensure a solid, secure bond.
  4. To ensure proper bond, press firmly so that all surfaces are in contact with adhesive.
  5. Heavy items and items under tension have to be supported and fixed for at least 24 hours. 

For detailed information on how to use, download the technical data sheet below.

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