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Pattex Power Epoxy Universal Instant Mix

General Information

Pattex Power Epoxy Instant Mix in the instant syringe gives you the high bonding performance you need for almost any material and repair. It dries very fast and transparently and won’t expand or shrink when curing. Resistant to water, oil and common solvents, Pattex Power Epoxy Instant Mix can be used both outdoors and indoors and you can also paint, sand, polish and even drill it!

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely strong bonding
  • Convenient instant mix syringe
  • Water and temperature resistant
  • Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Invisible Repairs

Available sizes:

How to use

  1. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free of grease or oil. Roughen smooth surfaces for better adhesion.
  2. Break seal on top of the syringe. Attach nozzle over syringe opening and turn 90° to lock in place.
  3. Push plunger to dispense epoxy and apply it to one surface only. Press firmly together.
  4. Join surfaces within 30 seconds. Final bonding strength after 24 hours.

For detailed information on how to use, download the technical data sheet above.