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Pattex Epoxy Repair Express Putty

General Information

Pattex Repair Express Putty is an Epoxy based repair paste for all repairs & bonding work. It is a fast-hardening dual-component putty that repairs, glues, hangs & fixes all kinds of materials. Can be used indoors & outdoors. Hardens whitely, in 5 minutes. Gives a quick & strong bond. Can be used on damp surfaces, can be painted over and can be sanded and processed. The practical cutter knife allows easy handling and portioning.

Features and Benefits

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Multi-materials
  • Hardens whitely, possibility to paint over, to grind & re-work
  • Hardens in 5 minutes
  • Strong bonding power
  • Can be modelled as required
  • Waterproof

Available sizes:

How to use

  1. Surfaces to be bonded must be dry, dust and oil-free. Roughen surfaces wherever possible.
  2. Put on latex or vinyl gloves, cut a piece of the Pattex Repair Express Putty with a knife, cutter or scissors. 

Product application

A.To Bond: Apply the putty on one of the surfaces to be joint and join both of them. To glue bigger surfaces, apply several putty points.

B. To Refill: Apply the mix in the crack or hole and smooth down the surface before the product starts hardening. 

C. To Rebuild: Mould the desired shape with your hands and smooth down the surface before the product starts hardening. 

D. Clean hands with water and soap immediately after using the putty.

For detailed information on how to use, download the technical data sheet above.